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One of Bendigo's Most Successful Home Builders

Looking for the right home builder for your dream house? Then worry no more! Paul Connell Building Services are regarded as one of the best Australian Home Builders in Victoria and they are located right here in Bendigo. Paul Connell Building Services are Highly skilled in planning, building and designing high-quality, modern homes to fit your budget plan.

Paul Connell Builders design homes that are unique and inspiring, we build from your plans or we will work with an architect of your choice to create a home that caters to your future needs.

It's all about you.


You might need somewhere to start a family, raise your kids, or relax and enjoy your retirement. You might need somewhere to run your home business, have your out-of-town family and friends stay, or somewhere to park your boat. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you create somewhere you’re proud to call home.

Having a great reputation built from many years of hard graft, Connell Builders have produced multiple award winning designs and recently featured on Best Homes Australia.

Connell Builders take exceptional pride in producing homes that reflect the personality of the home owner, dealing with Connell Builders is a breeze, not only do they listen and incorporate your ideas, Connell Builders are very easy to talk to and work with.